Cancun Moonlight Snorkeling Bio Tour

Enjoy Bioluminiscence While Night Snorkeling In Cancun

Tour Highlights:

  • Free souvenir picture and frame booking here, in Total Snorkel's Offcial site
  • Hotel pick up and drop off included
  • Friendly and certified english speaking guide
  • The reef is only 5 minutes offshore, forget about dizziness!
  • Full snorkeling gear including submergible lamp per person.
  • Small groups to guarantee personalized service (6 people per group)
  • Exclusive Total Snorkel Tour- We’re the only ones offering this tour!
  • Swim with turtles, fish and lot of sealife!
  • Enjoy bioluminiscence, Tinkerbell experience!
Exclusive Guarantees In Total Snorkel Cancun

Price: $ 69.99 USD

Night snorkeling with bioluminiscence experience
Daily at 8:00pm
Minimum age 12+. Snorkeling experience needed
How long:
1.5 hours in the water + 1hour briefing and transport
Door to door transportation is included
Bioluminiscence is something you have to enjoy at least 1 time in your life!
Sales deadline:
Bookings only before 10am for the selected date. Subject to availability.
Snorkeling Tour + T-shirt
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Enjoy bioluminescence on this premium night snorkeling tour in Cancun.

Enjoy the finest Cancun snorkeling tour. Live snorkeling on a magic and exotic way, at night!

Let the moon illuminate your path as you snorkel along the warm and shallow waters of the Great Mayan Reef, covering a route of 1,000 mts (3,000 ft) swiming along living coral reef, curious and playful turtles (we find 1-5 turtles on the 95-98% of the times) and colorful fishes. Escape with us to the most otherworldly experience that Cancun has to offer.

Well swim over 3 different areas, for a total duration of 1.5 hours- 2 hours in the water:

1st. Area:

Our first stop is in very well conserved coral reef, where we'll admire different coral formations and sea life that can only be found at night such as octopus,moray eels, squid, lobsters, crabs.

2nd. Area:

We'll swim helped by the current to our 2nd area, where we'll find turtles and rays. For some of our customers they consider this the best part of our tour, since swimming with turtles is such an unusual experience!

3rd. Area:

The tour is almost over, but the best is about to come. Lights off! Shake your hands and feet and amaze yourself with bioluminiscence. Millions of little tiny particles lighting around you! We call this the Tinkerbell experience =)

Snorkeling at night? Really?

Yes, really! It sounds crazy and scary at first glance, but we assure you’ll become one with nature after 5 minutes in the water. Far from being an extreme experience, is kind of a purifying one. It’s the perfect chance to get out of our daily comfort zone, and remember how little we are on this huge universe.
Many guests compare the experience to Pandora of “Avatar.” Some even recall the bioluminescence scene in “Life of Pi”.

How is this possible?

Our work starts way before you arrive. Our crew marks the zone that we’ll explore with light buoys while there’s still sunlight. This is used as reference to our guides when there’s no light but the moon’s one.

In addition, you’ll be provided with a submergible lamp, that will allow you to watch the coral reef and sea life to detail, it seems the colors are magnified, you’ll be speachless!

The best always comes last!

Imagine yourself in the sea, with nothing around you but water, in total darkness. Everything is calm and silent. Surprisingly you’re fearless, in total peace, you’ve realized you’re part of a big whole thing called Earth.

The swirling of your hand, every kick, sparkle throughout the darkness. Shake your hands, move your feet, millions of lights shining around you! This is better known as bioluminiscence.

It is actually the biological response of microscopic algae called a dinoflagellate, the perfectly natural and harmless concentration of organisms produces light before your very eyes, often existing in millions per liter of water.

Didn’t you know we had this in Cancun? Don’t worry, 98% of the people doesn’t know either.

Book your night snorkeling tour now, you won't find it anywhere else, we're the only ones offering this unique tour!


Guaranteed personalized attention

Small groups of maximum 10 people (in case you’re a larger group we can manage it as a special request).

Free transportation

For your comfort we offer air conditioned brand new vans (10-14 people capacity). From any hotel in cancun

Forget about dizziness

Our marina is less than a mile away from the reef, we get there in a short 5 minutes boat trip.You’ll be snorkeling before you know it.

Mask´s cutting edge tecnology

Masks with prescription (if needed) and the brand-new easybreath snorkeling masks (ideal for kids and non-swimmers).

Full snorkeling equipment

Snorkeling life vest, mask, snorkel, and fins always in perfect conditions.

For your comfort

Bottled water, towels and lockers are included in your tour.

Not included:

  • Dock fee and reef conservation tax (total $10.00 USD per person). Payable at check-in.
  • Tips.
  • Photo and video service are optional and has extra cost. Bring some extra money, we’re sure you will want some of them.

Activity duration:

  • 2 hours in the water! Consider extra 1.5 hours for transportation and briefing.
  • Available daily at 19:30 hrs. The pick up time is set according to the distance to your hotel. The exact time is sent to you on the booking confirmation.

Remember to bring:

  • Swimsuit
  • Dry clothes,
  • Towel and cash.


Our paparazzi will be following you during the whole snorkeling tour and will take awesome underwater photos and video, which you will be able to see before going back to your hotel.


Safety in your purchase

Completely secure and reliable online shopping so you can enjoy your vacation in Cancun. We use a 2048-bit SSL encrypted payment.

Bad Weather Warranty-Full Refund

If there’s seaport closure (bad weather), enjoy your tour snorkel activity another day or if you prefer your money back.

Easy Reschedule Booking flexibility

Plans have changed? Don’t worry, easy changes in day and time of activity.

No bookings fees and no hidden charges

No hidden charges, ours it’s the official, fairest rate


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