Total Snorkel Cancun Safety Briefing

Is snorkeling in Cancun safe?

Short and useful Cancun snorkeling briefing-lesson:

Before getting on board, everyone (especially people with few or no snorkeling experience) are invited to take a short but useful lesson on shallow waters.

You will be taught how to:

  • Fit and wear the equipment properly. Learn more about our equipment in our video here.
  • Swim with fins efficiently
  • Breath through the snorkel properly. Video about our snorkel tubes here
  • To defog the mask
  • Other useful tips that will make your experience much more enjoyable.

You may be wondering is snorkeling safe for non-swimmers? Can you snorkel if you can't swim? Do you need to be able to swim to go snorkeling?

Here are 8 reasons why non-swimmers are able to go snorkeling

If you have any other doubts, there's a big chance to find your answer in our Frequently Asked Questions

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