Snorkeling Cancun Hotel Zone

Cancun Reef Snorkeling and Cancun Underwater Museum

Tour Highlights:

What: 4 areas Cancun snorkeling tour

When: Daily at 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm.

Who: Minimum age 6+. No experience needed

How long: 2 hours in the water + 1.5 briefing and transport

Where: A door to door transportation is included

Why: So much to show, we couldn't keep it just for us! Sales deadline: 12 hours before the selected schedule. Tickets subject to availability.

Exclusive Guarantees In Total Snorkel Cancun

Price: $ 75.00 USD


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Picture yourself reef snorkeling over 4 areas of “El Meco Coral Reef”, one of the best-conserved spots in the Great Mayan Reef. Swim with marine turtles, tons of colorful fishes, coral reef, and an amazing shipwreck.

Our dedicated snorkel guide will teach you the best snorkeling techniques for viewing the spectacular marine life in its natural habitat.

The coral is pristine and the water is stunningly warm and with gentle or non-sea currents, which make this excursion ideal for kids, elder and beginners.

Come along and choose one of the 5 daily schedules for snorkeling Cancun hotel zone: 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm. A door to door transportation is included from any hotel or Air Bnb.

We offer individual attention to each person in our small group Cancun snorkeling group in order to be sure that you enjoy entirely your snorkeling experience.

Cancun snorkeling is a dream!

Tour Details


  • For your comfort, we offer round trip transportation from any hotel in Cancun (Hotel Zone or Downtown) on a private comfortable air-conditioned brand new van with a capacity of 10-14 people.
  • Complete snorkeling gear: Special snorkeling life vest, mask, snorkel, and fins in perfect condition. Masks with prescription and the brand-new easy breath snorkeling masks (ideal for kids and non-swimmers) are also available at no extra cost.
  • Short and useful briefing-lesson: Before getting on board, people with few or no snorkeling experience are invited to take a short but useful lesson on shallow waters. You will be taught to wear the equipment properly, swim with fins, breath through the snorkel, to defog the mask and other useful tips that will make your experience much more enjoyable
  • Total Snorkel Cancun qualified and friendly English speaking guides
  • 4 snorkeling spots (Cancun reef snorkeling, Cancun underwater museum snorkeling, swim with turtles and shipwreck snorkeling)
  • Bottled water, shower, towels and lockers
  • Passenger insurance

Not included:

  • Dock fee and reef conservation tax (total $20.00 USD per person). Payable at check-in
  • Tips (optional)
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  • Tours run daily, 5 schedules per day: 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm.
  • Pick up by our transportation service for snorkeling Cancun hotel zone, depends on the location of your hotel, and will be sent to you by email once you complete your booking.
  • Our transportation service will bring you to our Marina, where you will be welcomed and gave a short and useful briefing-lesson. Showers, towels, and lockers are available at the marina.

What to bring?

  • Swimsuit, sunglasses, biodegradable sunscreen, dry clothes, towel, and cash.
  • ($20 USD per person for the Dock fee)


  • People who snorkel with us range from all ages and skill levels, there is no experience needed.
  • Special attention for non-swimmers: We're experts turning your anxiety into joy. If you or a relative are beginners or nonswimmers, you can still enjoy this snorkel adventure. A guide will stay on the side the whole time wearing a life preserver where the non-swimmer can hold from, personalized attention during briefing-lesson is offered, and of course a life jacket.
  • An “Extraction" service is available in case you get dizzy: the marina is located only 1 mile away from the reef a boat will take you to land within minutes!

Tour Itinerary

This 2-hour snorkeling tour will give you the opportunity to explore 4 areas:

1st. Area: Cancun Reef Snorkeling “El Meco Coral Reef”

Discover the wonderful coral of “El Meco” with an 8-12 feet depth surrounded by plenty of fish schools. Let the coral reef fill you with wonder in one of the best-conserved spots in the Great Mayan Reef. You may enjoy the first turtle encounter in this area!

El Meco Coral Reef Coral Reef swim with several fish
2nd. Area: Cancun underwater museum snorkeling

"The blessings"

It is a set with 6 statues representing a Latin symbol that wish the good for the people.

They are located in a big circle looking out because they bless from Cancun to the entire world.

"Aquarium Family"

A man, a woman, and a human fetus, representing the fossils that will be found in the future, when the human will get extinct. It is a call of attention to the conservation for preserving the human existence.

The blessings Aquarium Family Underwater Museum Snorkeling
3rd. Area: Swim with turtles in Cancun

This spot is home to sea turtles, 96-98% chances to see from 1-5 turtles! We might also see and swim with rays. When was the last time you had the chance to swim with marine turtles on their natural habitat?

Swim with turtles in Cancun Turtles in Natural Habitat Swim With Rays
4rd. Area: Shipwreck Cancun snorkeling tour

The ONLY snorkeling tour in Cancun over a shipwreck.

Float on the ghostly remains of a shipwreck that occurred decades ago while you search for exotic fish and colorful coral formations among its structure. Discover how a powerful hurricane plunged the boat into the bottom of the sea in 1988.

Shipwreck Cancun snorkeling tour underwater shipwreck experience swimming in a shipwreck

IMPORTANT: Bad Weather Warranty-Full Refund

Our tour is weather dependent. Mother Nature nearly always cooperates. On days of inclement weather, enjoy your snorkel activity another day or if you prefer your money back.


Total Snorkel Cancun is by far the best snorkeling company in Cancun!

Get your conclusions after Reading some of our customer reviews.

More details:
  • Our Cancun Reef Snorkeling and Cancun Underwater Museum have a duration of 2.5 hours approximately. Consider 1 additional hour for transportation.
  • Our Cancun snorkeling tour is friendly for people who do not know how to swim or have little or no experience! You can enjoy the tour as we offer life jackets, our trained guides will give you personalized attention and help at every moment. The guides will have a lifeguard where you can support yourself. Finally, we have masks that cover the face completely, so you will not have to breathe through the tube.
  • If you do not want to do the activity and just want to go as a companion on the boat you just need to make a prior reservation and pay the cost for it. The companion can be in the boat at all times with the other Total Snorkel Cancun crew, the crystal clear water will allow observing everything that happens during the tour.
  • Total Snorkel Cancun have no restrictions on cameras or any device for capturing photos or video, however, we can not be held responsible if they are damaged or lost at sea. If you want to have the best memories of your Snorkel tour in Cancun, we recommend you to get our package of photos and video. You will be able to see the incredible images we have taken for you before you decide to buy it.
  • Total Snorkel Cancun provides lockers with a key so you can save your belongings safely, so the only thing you will have to worry about is to enjoy the tour.
  • In Total Snorkel Cancun service and safety are our top priorities. Groups will be kept small (max.10 people) in order to offer you the best service. If you’re a larger group we can handle it under special request (at least 3 days in advance).


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