Total Snorkel Cancun Cancellation and Refund Policies

Bad Weather

If there’s seaport closure due to bad weather, enjoy your snorkeling tour another day, or if you prefer, your money back (100% refund). In these cases, our team will reach you by the contact point we have registered (phone, email, SMS) to notify and ask your decision.

Cancellation time frames

Refund 100% canceling 24 hours in advance.
Refund 50% canceling 24-12 hours in advance.
Canceling with less of 12 hours in advance or not taking the tour, will be marked as "No Show" and non-refund will be done.

Reschedule Policy

Reschedule has no cost, as far as the request is made 24 before your activity.
Reschedule can not be done on the same day of your activity, in this case, cancellation policies would apply.

Cancellation for combos and packages

After redeeming the first activity, no refund will proceed. Rescheduling the second activity is possible and with no extra cost, requesting 24 hours in advance.

No show

Not taking the tour or not showing up on the meeting point on time will be considered as a cancelation with a 100% penalty.
When using our transportation service, pick-up times must be met on point. In case of not showing up during this window of time, the van will drive away and it will be considered as "NO SHOW". A notification paper will be left in your hotel's lobby and a picture will be sent to your email as evidence.
You can reach our location by yourself before the boat's departure time, and drop-off hotel service will be available if needed.

OTA's and 3rd Parties

In case of booking any of our services through an OTA or a third party, only their cancellation and refund policies will apply, as we'd serve as the tour supplier only. Any refund or clarification must be requested and processed by the seller.

Refund times and sequence

All refunds must be asked by email to, your Total Snorkel Cancun advisor's email or clicking here, you can also do it by phone or whatsapp.
The refund will be processed and completed from 15-20 days according to your payment method.