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Save time and avoid queues completing our fast Web Check-in

To initiate your check-in you need to enter your surname and email used to complete your booking.

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Why to complete my Web Check-in?

First of all, when checking-in, you confirm that you intend to take our tour and keep your spot safe (we usually have a waiting list).

Second, considering the COVID-19 situation, as part of our sanitary protocol, we strongly recommend everyone to check-in online so you can save time, avoid queues, and help us to enforce Social distancing throughout the experience.

Finally, during the check-in, you’ll be asked to sign a waiver, which is necessary to access your included passenger insurance.

My whole family is in the same booking that me, what should I do?

You’ll be able to complete each participant’s details. You’re allowed to complete the process for them.

How early can I check-in for any of my activities?

The online check-in will be open within 72 to 3 hours prior to the activity.

Is the web check-in free of cost?

Absolutely! We just want to offer the easiest, safest and most enjoyable experience, this includes all of our processes.

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