Q - How are the sharks located?

A - The sharks feed on the surface since early hours of the morning. The first boats out spread out over the known range and broadcast location marine band.

Q - Are we guaranteed to see the sharks?

A - The short answer is NO, but your chances on missing out completeley are slim (2% on the last 14 seasons). You can pick dates on peak season (July-August) your chances are then close to 100% a rain check can be arranged on the off chance of a total miss.

Q - Is there a chance to run into a dangerous marine life while in the water?

A - Slim if at all, we have not had any incidents. The tour on its 15 th year the worst we've had are minor jellyfish stings, and we are well equipped to prevent and/or treat such.

Q - Do I absolutely have to jump in the water?

A - Well, no. We whole heardtedly recomend it... but if you are not in any way confortable in snorkel gear, you can stay on board. The view from the boat is excellent with super opportunities for photo and video.

Q - How long a boat ride?

A - Up to about 80 min to get to the general area. Our boats are fast, stable and fairly dry. And there are many sightings of sea life, interestings obvservations from our guides / crews.

Q - What do whale sharks eat?

A - Plankton, tiny creatures and fish eggs that drift freely on the water. This and other questions on biology habits and general sharks lore can be answered by our guides and crew.

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